Men's Ministry

We would like to invite all men to our M 4:6 Men’s Service (Malachi 4:6) with live worship, food, an engaging word and transforming times at the altar. God is visiting the men in this hour. 

We are seeing a hunger arise within men for the life changing presence of their heavenly Father. Men are realizing that in order to identify with biblical manhood we will need to “KNOW” the one who created it. This is why we are meeting; we are hungry for change, we are hungry to see and experience the inward manifestation of a relationship with God, a relationship that compels men to live out their God given destiny. A hunger deep within our being that longs for a movement that brings strong foundational stability in our homes, community, and our cities.

Men have been experiencing the flood of the enemy and how the flood is rising and families are drowning, communities are sinking and our cities are in economic poverty. No, thriving businesses are not going to fix it and your government is not going to fix it. Only a God fearing, light bearing people can bring change to a Godless, darkness infested, morally diseased humanity.
God is raising a standard in this season and men are beginning to see the banner arise.

Services are the last Friday of every month, see calendar tab for updates or download the app.