New Wine Ministries

Intro to New Wine Ministries

Join Pastors Victor and Tammy Torres after church as they give you insight into their hearts. This time will be for you to catch the heart of your pastors and connect personally. The online course for Intro to New Wine Ministries is available at the link below. This course will tell you everything you need to know about the church. Pastors will share the history, mission, and heart of New Wine and give you great insight into the ministry and why we do what we do. If you see yourself joining any of the ministry teams at the church this is your first step to getting involved.  You are free to check out the materials in this course at your leisure. We look forward to having you!

Pastor Meet and Greet
Every 1st Sunday of the month in the lobby after service.

Online Course Material
The online course is open at all times and available for anyone interested in getting to know more about who we are.

Call the church at 248-461-6776 or sign up below.

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