New Wine Ministries


In this class you will learn how important it is that your house be built on a solid foundation to withstand what comes against your day-to-day. You will learn how to have a relationship with God and how to build a solid foundation by learning God’s covenants. This class will take you to a level in Christ you have not experienced before.

Topics Include:

1. Understanding God
2. Understanding the Triune Nature of Man; spirit, soul and body
3. Sin and iniquity
4. Salvation
5. Kingdom road map & the bible
6. Kingdom Principle of stewardship
7. Kingdom Principle of prayer and intercession
8. Water Baptism
9. Understanding the Holy Spirit
10. Baptism of Fire
11. KingdomPrinciple:  Giving
12. KingdomPrinciple:  Citizenship/ Confirmation

Registration and Log-in

Winter  Semester 2024
Details to Come..
Wednesdays at the church at 6:30p
Call the church office at 248-461-6776, or click below to sign up online.