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Testimonies are one of the most powerful things we have to be able to share the goodness of the Lord and opens the door to the gospel. Everything you read here are real accounts of miracles, signs, and wonders in the lives of believers. Jesus is alive. He is still healing, He is still setting people free, and He is still just as in love with people as He was when He went to the cross. We hope you're encouraged as you read through the testimonies on this page and encourage you to share yours as well in the form below.


"Jesus set me free from addiction!"

- Sarah

"While we were in worship, I felt the pain in my leg leave!"

- Jenny

"God's people prayed. It's a miracle I'm alive today"

- Charlie

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Testimony Archive

Healing During Worship!

On October 9th, 2021 during a Wednesday night service after nine hours of working, I came to the service at New Wine with a pain in my left leg; from the knee to the foot. It was not very serious but it was painful and uncomfortable. I stood in the front worshipping our Lord Jesus and suddenly, I felt something in my left leg. I can only describe it as a wood-stick from the knee to the foot getting stretched and suddenly I was healed and felt no more pain. I started walking and moving freely, no pain at all. Thank you, Lord! -Jenny

Answered Prayer for More of All That God Has For Me...

Recently I had been thinking about how I need to ask for more of Him in me, as Elisha asked to receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit that was given to Elijah... As a child, God had given me an awareness of a time in my future where He would do great works. Although the "time" was not given explicitly, it was a time in my future as in the middle of my older years (that's the best I can put it ). Our church was celebrating our anniversary and had several speakers who were gifted in prophesy. That day I pressed hard in my prayer for "more". During the service that night, I asked God, to let me know my prayers were heard and would be answered. Many times, prophets have went to my husband and given him word. This time, I asked for me, specifically to be called up front, and given a word. That night, the prophet, Roy Ralph, moved about the church, giving a word to people where they sat. Toward the end, he stood at the front and called to my husband and his wife next to him (me) to come to the front. He said he was trying to get to us (we were seated in the middle) and he couldn't, so could we please come to him up front. We were the only ones asked to come up front. He did not call my husband alone, but asked for his wife next to him. I wait in joyful expectation for all the Lord will ask me to do. Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you New Wine Ministries. - Kim 

Deliverance from Past Wounds

Debbie shares about the way that God delivered her from past wounds and gave her the tools to overcome. This is what a life with Christ looks like, He gets all the glory!

Healing From  a Traumatic Accident

"I was struck by a car while riding my motorcycle and should’ve died I suffered many injuries crushed pelvis broken wrist cracked ribs fractured vertebrae crush leg and most seriously damage to my aorta the widow maker my heart surgeon said I had a 5% chance of survival. Lord Jesus had other plans within moments of my accident the church began praying for me and continued through my hospitalization and rehab and physical therapy I am fully recovered and living a normal life." - Charles 

God Provided a Home!

Michelle & I were considering building a master addition onto our existing 2 story house because the stairs had become a health issue. We had plans drawn up and were going to submit them in the spring to the township. We were looking into selling our house for the last few years, but could never really find anything that we felt God had for us. Sept 25 changed our plans to something beyond our wildest expectations. On a whim we found a ranch nearby & was able to view it. The house was 500 sq ft more than our current home & on an acre which also was more land. We put an offer in on it & was then told there were 5 offers, we submitted a final offer of what was the best we could do. Ours was accepted although there were cash offers that were above our offer! Now we needed to sell our home. We listed it & had 1 showing & 1 offer, above our asking price. Sold. What we sold our house for was more than what we paid for our new house. God's hand was upon this the entire time. We sit in disbelief that our house is ours. - Kevin 

A New Creation in Christ

Sue shares about the revelation of baptism she received after going through the Kingdom Foundations course at New Wine. She explains that truly understanding what happens in the waters of baptism empowered her to live an overcomer lifestyle with Christ. The presence of the Lord she experienced was so powerful after getting baptized that it marked her life forever.

Receiving the Seven-Fold Blessing

A little over two years ago my wife had an accident at work that caused her to go on workmen’s compensation. Shortly after, they cut her off and she had no income coming in and was unable to work until she had surgery, which we are waiting for. The next year I developed a kidney stone and it cost me $6,000.00 in hospital expenses. This could have been a very difficult time for us however, I recognized that this was not from God but the enemy stealing from us. I went to the Word and found in Proverbs 6:31, "...a thief when caught must return seven-fold." So my prayer was, “Lord the enemy has stolen from us and I command a seven-fold return according to your word." I never did the math, however the year after she fell my income doubled! The year after I had the kidney stone my income increased another $20, 000. Praise God for His word is truth! He took care of all our needs according to His righteousness in Christ Jesus. We serve an awesome God! - Jerry

Miracle in Paradise

In November of 2018 I was assigned as a chaplain to the deadly Camp Fire in Paradise, Ca. For the first 5 days we ministered to the 30,000 survivors/refugees that had fled to the town of Chico, Ca., many living in tents in vacant lots. While ministering we heard tails of chaplains up on the fire ridge being brought down by ambulances due to the heavy smoke we had experienced since arriving. When the day arrived for me to head up on the ridge I new I already had some breathing issues. All the way up I was texting our New Wine Pastors asking to spread the word for prayer. As we got high on the ridge the smoke got thicker and thicker. Then suddenly, for the first time in 8 days, the wind shifted and like a parting of the Red Sea, the sky opened up and the air was crystal clear. God answers prayer and New Wine is a house of prayer. I consider it the Miracle in Paradise. Don’t be afraid to ask our church when you need prayer. Share your burden.
- Mike

When Children Encounter God

There is no "Junior Holy Spirit." Listen to these precious encounters by a few of the children that attend New Wine. They are learning how to listen to the voice of God and walk in obedience. God is so good!

A Vessel for His Voice

While at my MRI the Lord told me to tell the tech something. I felt such peace to tell this man exactly what God said. He said tell him his family that is out of the country is safe and to not fear and that God was going to spare their lives from the chaos and the turmoil around them, and Jesus knew him and that He wanted him to get to know Jesus more, that Jesus loved him very much.
This tech reached out and hugged me and thanked me. He was very touched. It was so special. I’m so glad I listened. I hope and pray that God as He flows through us, others can know his love like this. God speaks to us, we just need to listen. - Julie

Answered Prayer and Lost Treasures Found

Kathy shares about how God met her in her step of faith as she declared the lost things to be found. God is still moving in miracles, signs, and wonders. Take a listen!

Prayer,Peace, and Favor

Jerry and "T" share about the goodness of the Lord in the midst of a medical scare. He makes a way when there seems to be no way!